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Since it was 3 days ago, I guess I could write about how Thanksgiving went.

It went fine.

Okay, next.

Friday was our one week anniversary. One week since we were married. Yesterday was one month since he called me out of the blue after 5 years of not speaking to him.

Yesterday, we went to Alex's and then went to Tim and Raquels. It was a fun day.

The Chapel Hill News and Views with our wedding announcement comes out tomorrow. That rocks. Jesse and I will probably deliver some of the magazines and James will probably stuff some. It should be fun, I'll get to hang out with Jesse and we'll be making some money so, yeah.

I need a new car. Cyndie knows a guy who owns a car lot so she's going to call him for me and I'm going to look and see what they've got.

I'm bored, I think we're going to go find something to do now.

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