Kari Ann (pinky666) wrote,
Kari Ann

stolen from bastet

first job: tutor
first screen name: COBAIN1419
first self-purchased album: Shit, I have no idea.
first funeral: my great grandmothers... I was way young
first pets: Don't remember
first piercing: my ears when i was like 5
first true love: There are people who I thought were at the time but later realized they weren't...
first big trip: I've never been on a big trip
last cigarette: now
last kiss: James ... about 2 hours ago
last cry: few nights ago
last library book checked out: Don't remember
last movie seen in a theater: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
last book read: I'm reading one now called Extremeties
last cuss word uttered: holy fucking shit
last beverage drank: milk
last food consumed: spaghetti
last phone call: my mom
last time showered: my hair is still wet, I just got out
last shoes worn: flip flops
last cd played: an 80s mixed CD I made
last item bought: wedding dress
last thing written: an e-mail to Dug
last key used: car key
last word spoken: died.
last sleep: 10 am
last sexual fantasy: I'm marrying my sexual fantasy today
last ice cream eaten: hmm ... caramel maybe
last time wanting to die: it creeps up now and again
last lipstick: i don't wear make-up
last dancing: some stupid dance at Dylan's
last show attended: Alice Cooper

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