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Last night, Dylan bought the karaoke revolution game and James and I stayed late playing it with Dylan and Jesse and Tim... I completely kicked their asses last night, but after practicing all night, Dylan came back and kicked mine tonight. It was lots of fun, though. It's addictive.

Now there are only FOUR days until our wedding. I'm dying my hair now and I'm going to get my nails done on Wednesday. After the wedding, we're having a reception at James' around 7 p.m. .... it's going to be all Halloween decorated... it's going to rock. I'm excited. As far as I know, Dylans and his mom and brother and dad are coming, my sister and her kids are coming, my other sister and maybe her kids are coming, my grandmother, a few people I met at trivia, and..... yeah... that's it as far as I know. Just a few close people.

I dyed James' hair black and red last night so we kinda match x;o) Annnnnnnnnywho... I think James' is going to move in on Thursday... move his shit in on Saturday. I'm very excited. I don't know what else to say. I dropped James off about 45 minutes ago and I miss him x:o(

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