Kari Ann (pinky666) wrote,
Kari Ann

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Man, I felt like SHIT yesterday. Everything that could possibly hurt, did. I fucked up my foot somehow yesterday and it hurts like a bitch. And everyone around me is sick so I'm getting sick, too.

Dylans dad is going to put a wedding announcement in his magazine. That's sweet as hell, that rocks.

In ONE WEEK, I'll be married. I'm excited. Whee!

And after work, I'll be highly entertained by this hilarious voice that James does. It kills me everytime he does it. Yesterday after I had picked him up, we were on the way to my house and I was looking for something to listen to on the radio and some rap song about windows and walls and ball sweat came on... and James started doing this funny little dance and I was laughing so hard we nearly had a wreck O.o .. ~*~*~* I Love you, James!! *~*~*~

Okay, I don't know what else to write about and I have to piss, so I'm going to go...... piss now.

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