Kari Ann (pinky666) wrote,
Kari Ann

thief 2

1.Have you ever been attracted to someone of your same sex? Yes

2.How old were you when you lost your virginity? 14

3.Do you still keep in touch with that person? no

4.Best music to have sex to? Guns N Roses

5.Best sexual experience? When James found me again

6.Worst sexual experience? everyone else

7.Ever faked an orgasm? yes.... every time until a week ago

8.Ever thought about someone else while having sex? yeah

9.How do you feel about one night stands? I don't

10.Where's the most interesting place that you've had sex? in the 6 flags bathroom

11.Do you own any porn? no

12.Have you ever walked in on your parents? no

13.Have you ever been walked in on? yes

14.Drunk or sober sex? sober

15.Lights on or lights off? whatever

16.Cuddling afterwards? yup

17.Foreplay? uh huh

18.Would you rather have sex with someone stupid or ugly? neither

19.Are you a member of the mile high club? no

20.Would you be abstinent for a million dollars? yeah... if i could masturbate

Got your hands bound
and your head down
and your eyes closed...
You look so precious now.

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