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/begin long fucked up week

So the past 6 days have been totally fucking whacked out. I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. About a week ago, my parents were arguing and my dad called my Mom a bitch. I'm really protective over my Mom so me and my dad started arguing. That pissed him off. Since then, every time he laid eyes on me, he'd yell and bitch. Thursday night/Friday morning, I came home around 2 am. I had just been 2 miles down the road at Alex's. He had bitched about how if I wasn't home at 1 am, I had to "get the fuck out of his house" (mind you he hasn't worked in 2 weeks and when he was working, he was spending all of his money on crystal meth and leaving my Mom with EVERY bill, including $350.00 a month for his truck payment). Anyway, I blew off what he said, fuck him, not his house, he doesn't pay the bills, I'm 19 years old, I can do what the fuck I want and his redneck nose powdering wife abusing ass means shit to me. I sat in the living room from 2-6 watching movies. He gets up at 6 am. (he always gets up early to get online to talk to nasty sluts who claim to be in love with him ... he frequents a room on AOL called "God Is A Myth", and preaches about god and all that bullshit ... anyhow). He tells me I have a lot of nerve to be in 'his' house. I tell him it's not his fucking house and to shut up and leave me the fuck alone. He gets up and says "Get the hell out of my house you fat ugly bitch." I had a bottle about half full of coke so I chucked it at him and caught him on the forehead [SCORE!]. I went to my moms room and told her he was making me leave and I didn't have anywhere to go, as it was 6 in the morning. He comes back there and starts yelling and calling me all kinds of fucking names. I punched him in the nose and slapped him in the face and he was all over me hitting me. I finally grabbed his hair and yanked the fuck out of it to where he stopped and was just kind of still ... and I had his hair and I was pulling the fuck out of it, he had his fingernails digging into my arms. My Mom came in made him go back into the living room. Anyhow, I got my keys and as I was walking out the door, I said "FUCK YOU" and he said "I'm sure you'd like to you fucking pervert." That is the sickest fucking thing you could say to your goddamn daughter, it nearly made me puke. I grabbed whatever I could see, which happened to be a big broom, and threw it at him. I think I hit him in the face but I'm not positive, I walked out the door. At the end of the driveway, my brother in law was there with my nephew waiting on the school bus. We talked for about 30 minutes about how my dad has been to my Mom and how my dad got straight out of bed and came at me with his bullshit and how it was fucked up. We talked about how My dad beat the shit out of my Mom about a month ago. We talked about how he can't keep his goddamn nose clean and he thinks he's the holiest person on the planet. I talked about how I'd like to end his fucking life because he's a sorry waste of oxygen.

Anyhow, as it ended up, I DIDN'T have place to go, my grandmother is staying in a motel room because they're redoing her house from the water damage. So I called Matt and he got a place and we've moved nearly everything in. The electricity should be turned on today or tomorrow.

/end long fucked up week

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