December 26th, 2003

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Well I guess today wasn't so bad. We went to my uncles house... and my grandmother said "I saw your wedding picture yesterday in the magazine... and I didn't know your husbands name was James, so his present says John." It was funny...

Then we went to James' parents house and that was really cool. His mom is really good at buying gifts... she gave me 2 Guns N Roses shirts and a Bob Geldof record and in my stocking (I havent had a stocking in YEARS!), she gave me a Nightmare Before Christmas wallet and some really good smelling candles and some other really cool stuff. We had fun there... it was nice.

Then we went to Dylans to hang out and we played DDR and Cyndie gave me this nifty little electronic organizer thing. I played with it most of the night, neglecting Jesse and Dylan and James... ahhh well, they'll deal x;o)

James got an Alice in Chains lighter and a Layne Staley T-shirt and book and he was pretty stoked about it. It was cute.

Okay, I had really planned this update to be more interesting, but it turns out that it's not so. Oh well.

I really love my mommy.

The end.
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    Alice In Chains - Nutshell ... James is watching the DVD... AGAIN O.o

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Oh yeah, something else that R O C K E D yesterday... When we got to James house, Ricky was outside working on his 1967 Impala. It only took him a second to finish after we got there... and he said "start it"... so I get in and start it... and he get's in the passenger seat.... and I drove it. *nuts herself* it was .... fucking awesome.