December 20th, 2003


So last night, we were sticky, and James says "When we have sex and I see the shadow on the wall, that is so fucking hot." So like.... I wonder when I'm not around, if he masturbates to his own shadow. O.o I don't think he had finished his sentence when I started busted out laughing, but that's OK... it's funnier that way. And then he proceeded to act like Bill S. Preston Esquire... and he grabbed my cup from Checkers and he was pretending to do a commercial... and like... I grabbed it to take a drink and he gets all serious... and he says "I'm trying to do a commercial!" Jesus Christ.... it was really funny.

We went to his moms for his sisters 5th birthday party yesterday. Faith is like the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

Then we went to this christmas party that these people from trivia invited us to. Everyone exchanged White Elephant gifts (you dont know what it is, you draw numbers, you can switch, blah blah blah)... and this one guy got a bag with some condoms and KY in it... and since James had one of the last numbers, he could switch with like anyone he wanted... so he switched with that guy, and everyone busts out fucking laughing. It was hilarious.

I suppose I'll go cough my lungs up now.
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