December 18th, 2003

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I started puking last night....... and James held my hair while I puked. Now, I've always heard people say "oh, I'd hold your hair back while you threw up" but... yeah... never... anyways. That was sweet.

And then James painted a pregnant alien-like thing on the wall... and it's really fucking beautiful.

I missed work today due to being sick... and that really sucks cause I need the money...

I took James to the emergency room last night because his finger is swollen somethin' serious. We ended up leaving before they could see him... They said something about a 3 hour wait.
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James' mom brought me some pepto bismol and some sprite and some chicken noodle soup. That was really cool of her.

James is shoving needles in his finger and draining nasty shit out of it. O.o

Oh yeah... my mom let my dad come back... like I knew she would. But he seems chilled... I guess he is... Whatever.