December 14th, 2003

Dick SuckeR, TooL


I'm having an e-mail war with my dad. He keeps talking shit about my husband. He said "He's full of bullshit, have you ever SEEN his army ID?" Because he doesn't believe James was in the army... So... he said that at the perfect time... I just got my scanner working yesterday... so I scanned his military ID and sent it to my dad... he didn't have much to say about that.

And he actually told me that I am the reason for him and my mom splitting up. Dude... jesus christ. It was because he stole 85.00 from my mom for crystal meth. And that's just not something you tell your fucking kid, yanno! Even though it doesn't bother me because I've never been particularly fond of him, you still don't say shit like that to your kid.
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