December 13th, 2003

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Yesterday, I got into my first wreck. A guy hit me in the ass... it was his fault... but it didn't do anything to my car so I didn't call the cops or anything. I was surprised it didn't crush my car since I'm driving a little CRX... I guess it kinda doesn't count as a wreck either, since it didn't do anything to either of our cars. He kept apologizing and while we were going down the road, he'd honk and wave and shit.... I don't think he had insurance and he was glad as hell that he didn't hit me... It's like... yeah... rear end me and we'll become best friends... O.o or something like that...

ANYhow... James got up with the kids this morning so I didn't have to... that was really sweet of him. I've run out of things to say. There's a lot to say, really, but nothing of much importance so I'll just stop now.

I'm going to try to install my scanner on this computer and scan some pictures from our wedding and reception.
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