November 22nd, 2003

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Where do I start??????? Yesterday, I got up and picked Dylan up, we came here, I got dressed, and we went to the court house. My mom and grandmother followed me. At 2:20ish, James and his mom and stepdad and brother and his brothers fiance showed up. We went in at 2:30 and met Tex. Tex was wearing cowboy boots and like a rodeo shirt... he's the magistrate judge of Paulding County. He said he had his own way of doing things so he did them... and in the middle, his cell phone rings and he picked it up and said "I'm in the middle of a wedding" and hung up... I think he should have turned his cell phone off, but I guess it was kind of funny anyway. So after Tex was done doing his thing and we kissed and all, we read each other our own vows... James' vows were beautiful. After the wedding, we went to James' and decorated the place and around 6:45, Dylans family showed up and then Kathy, Don and Renee (from trivia) came and then my oldest sister came and my grandmother and other sister came. James' grandfather and a few of his friends came over. It was fun, and at the end, Brian (James' brother) proposed to his girlfriend Tuesday. It was sweet, I've never seen a proposal before... I mean from an outside point of view.

Everyone left except for Cyndie (Dylan's mom) and some of James' friends and we watched the video that they had been taking all day. It was fun... it was an amazing day. We went to a hotel afterwards and consumated a few times... Yeah... so now... I am Kari Ann Doyle. I am happy. I am complete. All is right with the world.
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Oh yeah, while we were watching the video, the phone rang (in the video) and James got up from watching the video to answer the phone... but it was only ringing on TV.... I guess you had to be there... it was really funny.

Today, we took the gift certificate that Dylans family gave us and went to Media Play. I got Mechanical Animals (because mine is all scratched and doesn't play anymore) and The Wall 2000. I also got a Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster. James got the Lo Pro CD.

Then we went to Howards (my piercer) and James got a second hole in his tongue. It really made me want another piercing... We're going to go see Tony sometime either today or in the next few days to have our rings touched up and I'm going to have the 2 tattoos on my wrist fixed.

Dylans dad took a picture of James and I on Thursday and he's going to put it in the magazine (If you're around Douglasville, pick up the December issue of the Chapel Hill News and Views to see it - bunless I can get Dylan to e-mail it to me... then I'll post it here).

Anyhow, we're going to go to James' tonight so he can show his mom his new piercing and get some more of his shit. His family is awesome, I couldn't have asked for better in-laws.

I can't believe the people who are in my life right now. Each and every one of them is incredible.

I'm married. I have a husband. I am someones wife. That is just...... fucking wicked.
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James and I went to the tattoo place and Mark tattooed my name on James' arm just like I've written it for years. It looks amazing. I'm at James' now but I'll post pictures as soon as I get home. I got a tattoo on my arm, too. Mine says In Memory of Big Bill (my grandfather) and it has his birth and death year. They look awesome. I'll post pictures soon. I don't know what the point of this update is since I'm going to go home and post pictures. Ah well.
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