September 25th, 2003

a day in the life

My schedule is so fucked up, that when I say yesterday, I mean Tuesday night. A CERTAIN friend of mine likes to invite me over and stuff me full of junk food. His brothers birthday party was last night and we went and got 40 bucks worth of junk food. I gained 43 pounds just looking at it. Plus, I got molested by silly string. I so should have put some up his nose while he slept x;o) But I had fun... We played a game called "Fact or Crap"... and I won with 98 out of the 180 fact or crap chips. I so fucking rock. Not.

Ooooooh trivia tonight. Perhaps I can continue my winning streak.

I'm still craving a major make out session. I've never been this long without 'someone'. I'm tempted to go somewhere and jump the first hot guy I see... but I won't.
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