September 5th, 2003

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I had fun tonight. Mandi and Mike and I played trivia... and lost... but that's OK... afterwards we went to the huddle house with Dylan for an hour or so...

Matt called my grandmother today and she said he was crying and talking about me meeting people offline. Okay, I know you're reading this. First of all, I haven't met one fucking person offline. You know it all had to do with you totally fucking violating me. You didn't want to change your fucking attitude and you knew I would leave you for it so you've been trying to get me pregnant. I'm not stupid. That's really fucked up. We were fighting before you did what you did, but it was only because I was tired, everything would have been fine in the morning, but no. Don't call my grandmother dropping this shit on her, because she has plenty to fucking deal with, thanks. If you've got something to say, fucking call me, you know my goddamn number. I'm serious.
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