August 21st, 2003

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OK so.... what the fuck? At 6 AM, someone knocks on the door. I answer it. He asks for Karen. I say she's asleep. He asks to come in. My dad walks over, he says "Hey Simple Man". He was someone from a chat room my parents frequent. Dude... it's six in the fucking morning! Seriously! Anyhow, I go to tell my mom, and he fucking follows me back there! My mom is asleep! You've never met her before! You're a complete stranger! You just walked in our house and you're just going to walk back to to my moms fucking room? Anyhow, my mom was PISSED and she didn't get up. He sat in here talking to my dad and shit... I finally went to bed... and my sister comes in at like 9 am and says she asked him to leave and he wouldn't. Besides being completely fucking rude, that's creepy as shit. He finally left.

My grandmother got custody of Mason for 90 days while Christian takes some classes and shit. Her boyfriend got locked up, so that's good.
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