August 19th, 2003

An Old Friend

JagDinner strikes again!!!

This is the guy who IM's me every 6 months or so... He must IM a ton of people asking him this shit... seeing as how he never remembers who I am... I got a phone number and a picture outta him!! This is a classic.

JagDinner [3:08 AM]: hey how are you doing? may I ask you an extremely weird question?
Sin Wonderland [3:09 AM]: Want me to cook you and eat you?
JagDinner [3:09 AM]: yes. do you want to?
Sin Wonderland [3:09 AM]: Yeah.
Sin Wonderland [3:09 AM]: You IM me like... every 6 months or so...
Sin Wonderland [3:10 AM]: I'm surprised you haven't found someone to cook and eat you yet.
JagDinner [3:10 AM]: would you really be able to cook me and eat me like that?
Sin Wonderland [3:10 AM]: Seriously, you have no idea what's been going on in my life. I'd love to take it out on someone. Watch out, I'll go all Emeril on your ass.
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