August 1st, 2003

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My parents are fighting again. My dad took his paycheck and bought a part for his boat and didn't give my mom any money, and she's already behind on the bills. I'd be pissed too... but she's talking about moving out and getting an apartment with this whore she works with. I don't want to fucking move again. I'm so tired of moving. I've moved like 6 times this year, and I'm not living with that slut and her 39473975984735634 kids.

Gee let's see what's happened this week! My car is fucked. My computer is fucked. My family is fucked. My 'home' is fucked. This is the biggest load of complete shit ever.

And how I do I get another car? Everyone tells me to get a job... AND JUST HOW THE FUCK AM I GOING TO GET THERE??? Can I use yours? NO. WELL THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT A GODDAMN JOB.

What do I have? Absolutely fucking nothing. Suck my dick and move along.
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