July 24th, 2003

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Cleaned out my old/current room yesterday. Not really cleaned it out, more like shoved everything from the floor into the closet... but still. Hung up my Fight Club poster... and the Van Gogh and Army of Darkness posters I got on sale at Media Play. Stuck a mattress in the floor, drug a bookcase in there and painted it. Still have to move my curio cabinet and my computer desk in there.

Went to karaoke last night in Marietta with Dylan, Megan, their friend Justin (who totally looks like Johnny Knoxville), and Matt. I love going to karaoke at that place because the people are hilarious. The owner and the guy doing karaoke sang "Nothin but a G thing"... it's was hilarious. There's a kid there who looks just like Bill Gates and he puts on the best show ever. Last week he sang "Like a Virgin". Also, last week, a guy sang the Dennis Leary song "Asshole", that rocked. I sang "Only Women Bleed" and "Creep" and Matt and I sang "Closer" together. Anyhow, it was a blast.
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