January 29th, 2003

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A pipe busted in my grandmothers attic and her ceilings fell through in her house and every floor got soaked. a lot of her things were ruined and she had to come home to clean up and things. She's really in a bad state of being right now... it's hard to see her that way and see the family the way it is...

Now my oldest sister (Christian)is on the run from the cops. Her and her husband are wanted for drug trafficking and she is wanted for auto theft and stealing 10,000.00 from her roommate. Money he probably acquired from dealing drugs in the first place. If Christian and Mike (her husband) end up in jail, it looks like her 3 year old son will be here with us...

How much more dysfunctional can one family be?!

I miss my Marshy Poo x:o(
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