January 19th, 2003

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Sin Wonderland [4:26 PM]: Marshy, where do you find all of your local news that you sometimes post in your journal?
x hexegeist x [4:27 PM]: my city has its news paper online
x hexegeist x [4:27 PM]: as well as in print
Sin Wonderland [4:27 PM]: ahh
x hexegeist x [4:28 PM]: but they stopped doing public records:( so i can't see who is getting arrested anymore:(
Sin Wonderland [4:28 PM]: awww
Sin Wonderland [4:29 PM]: dammit ours is online too but it sucks...
x hexegeist x [4:29 PM]: most of them do suck.
x hexegeist x [4:29 PM]: what type of news are you looking for?
Sin Wonderland [4:30 PM]: well... my brother was on the news sometime between 2:30 am and now
Sin Wonderland [4:30 PM]: but i havent seen the story and im really surprised it isnt on
x hexegeist x [4:30 PM]: eep why was heon the news?
Sin Wonderland [4:30 PM]: you're so not going to believe this
Sin Wonderland [4:31 PM]: ok... some girl went to my grandmothers house last night (where my brother is staying)... there were a bunch of guys there and my brother said he was going to have sex with the girl in front of them all
Sin Wonderland [4:31 PM]: this is what ive gathered from the cops and all...
Sin Wonderland [4:31 PM]: anyhow
x hexegeist x [4:32 PM]: eep
Sin Wonderland [4:32 PM]: she refused and they began to fight. he stabbed her in the hand and broke her arm, she stabbed him in the side
Sin Wonderland [4:32 PM]: someone called the cops, she said he had pulled a gun on her
Sin Wonderland [4:32 PM]: so the swat team comes out because bill wont leave the house
x hexegeist x [4:32 PM]: yipes!
Sin Wonderland [4:32 PM]: and they thought he had a gun
Sin Wonderland [4:33 PM]: so they shot tear gas through all the windows and have destroyed my grandmothers house searching it
Sin Wonderland [4:33 PM]: my brother was released earlier from the hospital and he's being charged with resisting arrest, two counts of assault and another charge i forgot
x hexegeist x [4:33 PM]: OH MY GOD!
x hexegeist x [4:33 PM]: is your gramma totally flipping out?
Sin Wonderland [4:34 PM]: she doesnt know yet... we cant get in touch with her
x hexegeist x [4:34 PM]: oh fuck
x hexegeist x [4:34 PM]: that is so terrible.
Sin Wonderland [4:34 PM]: i know it...
x hexegeist x [4:34 PM]: didnt your brother learn anything from being in jail?
Sin Wonderland [4:35 PM]: my brother is a drug addict and an arrogant asshole
x hexegeist x [4:35 PM]: awww
x hexegeist x [4:35 PM]: thats a shame
Sin Wonderland [4:35 PM]: he seems to think hes invincible
x hexegeist x [4:35 PM]: oh one of those boys
x hexegeist x [4:35 PM]: blah
Sin Wonderland [4:35 PM]: yea... and he just got a girl pregnant about a week ago

x hexegeist x [4:36 PM]: fuckin a!
x hexegeist x [4:36 PM]: oops sorry abotu the caps
Sin Wonderland [4:36 PM]: she didnt really want him to but she knew he had nowhere else to go
x hexegeist x [4:36 PM]: ah
Sin Wonderland [4:37 PM]: a few years ago, he broke in her house and stole every piece of jewelry she owned... all of the things she had gotten from her mother and everything
x hexegeist x [4:37 PM]: is this the last straw for your brohter with the rest of your family?
Sin Wonderland [4:37 PM]: had a guy hold a gun to her head while she slept so he could rob her
x hexegeist x [4:37 PM]: fuck!
Sin Wonderland [4:37 PM]: i hope she doesnt help him this time...
x hexegeist x [4:37 PM]: that is just ridiculous
x hexegeist x [4:37 PM]: WHAT?!?!?!
x hexegeist x [4:37 PM]: omg!
Sin Wonderland [4:37 PM]: shes the type of person who will do anything she can for anyone
Sin Wonderland [4:38 PM]: she paid about 5,000.00 for his lawyer so he could get out of jail this past time
x hexegeist x [4:38 PM]: i hope she just says fuck it this time. thats so ridiculous!
x hexegeist x [4:39 PM]: oh man. she could have sent you to school for that much!
x hexegeist x [4:39 PM]: i am so sorry for you and your family sweety!
Sin Wonderland [4:39 PM]: she just wants to do everything for everyone but never does anything for herself
Sin Wonderland [4:39 PM]: thank you doll *hugs*
x hexegeist x [4:40 PM]: wour gramm is an amazing woman.
Sin Wonderland [4:40 PM]: Do you mind if I post this in my journal so I don't have to type it all out again? I can change your IM name if you want
Sin Wonderland [4:40 PM]: She is... she's the best person I've ever known
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