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Can you guys believe I've had this journal for 9 years???  767 entries.  I doubt I've ever written anything with any substance but it's been fun (and will continue to be when I update - this is not a goodbye!!)  I just thought it was sorta crazy that my little journal has been around this long.  I also have log files of many of the entries of my livejournal before this one (pinkypie).  My friend Gravey invited me to start using LJ when we met on Gothic Auctions a long long time ago in internet history.  Her and I and Marshy and Carmy would chat in rooms almost every night and we have so much fun... wow... I was only 15 years old then, too.  Over the years I've had the amazing pleasure of meeting Marshy in person more than once!!  I'd still love to meet my other girls.  I hope the three of them always stay my close (they were really the 1sts!!) internet girlfriends.  

Cheers to you,LiveJournal... for staying around and being awesome.
And I'd like to send a ton of love to Gravey, Marshy, Carmy, & Wax ... you guys a really dear to me!!  <3


I know a lot of you on my friends list are really crafty.  My little boy wants and Alice Cooper shirt and I can't find any in a kids 7....  Is there any possible way I could make one for under 10$????  Or can I order one from somewhere or something??